CCP doesn’t only take care of employees, but also assure the investors’ profit, and pursuit substantial development. Besides daily corporation operation, we maintain a close interaction with stakeholder. On our website, there’s contact window for transparent and effective communication.


Stakeholder Related Topic Communication Channel Situation
Investor Financial Reports
Company Management
Annual Report
Stakeholder Section on Website
1. Issue annual report and financial report through websites.
2. Hold stakeholder meeting periodically.
Employee Employees Benefit
Employees Recruiting
Welfare Committee
Corporation Inner Website
Employees Training
New Employees Meeting
1. Provide equal opportunities to every employee.
2. Provide sound compensating system for employees.
3. Hold irregular lectures.
Client Client Relation
Product Innovation
Supply Chain Management
Client Satisfaction Questionnaire 1. Design green product, and reduce hazardous material.
Media Financial Reports Website / Email 1. Disclose operation information monthly.
2. Disclose operation result and goal irregularly.
Supplier Product Innovation
Supply Chain Management
Purchase Contract
1. Promote green supply chain.
Community Environmental Maintenance
Stakeholder Communication
Website / Email 1. Set environmental and sanitary procedure.
2. Maintain a close relation with community.
3. Help the neighbored poor in need.
Government Environmental Maintenance Document
Panel Meeting
1. Attend meeting held by supervising organization.

Contact Window

Besides daily operation, there are contact windows set for open and transparent communication.

Investor Relation and Media Contact

Company spokesman Lance chen
Finance Department Director
Phone : 02-29612525#228
E-Mail : spokesman@pccp.com.tw
Web site:http://www.pccp.com.tw/index.php/tw/investor/shareholder-services/investor-contact-

Procurement Department

Jane Lee
Supervisor of Procurement Department
Phone : 02-29612525 # 288

Human Resource

Sally Lin
Section Manager of Human Resource
Phone : 02-29612525 # 231
E-Mail : sally_lin@pccp.com.tw

Sales Representative


Raised Channel

To report any inmoral or inllegal behavior or action, please contact the following window.
Judy Yang
Audit Office Director
Phone: 02-29612525#255

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