Quality Policy

CCP believes quality is the key to strike for the success of a company, so we continuously improve our product quality by accepting customers’ suggestions and listening to market and product innovations in order to deliver the most suitable products to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide customer-satisfying goods by investigating the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) feedback regarding information related to our company for inside reviewing and analyzing in order to improve our products. CCP has devoted itself to meet the Customer Satisfaction Index as well as to conduct internal self-inspection in order to provide customer-satisfactory goods.

ISO9001:2008 ISO/TS16949:2009

CCP ISO quality complies with PDCA module, we pay intensive attention to every process and detail in accordance with six controls (IQC、IPQC、FPC、OQC、reliability compliance test and CQS)and comprehensive quality management to continuously increase CSI. ISO/TS16949 automobile production following a process of supply chain management mode, focus on the customers’ special requirements who concentrate on the five tools and auto industry.

C.C.P. Quality Assurance System

Sample Inspection Process

Each finished sample will follow a series of quality tests to ensure meeting customer requriements

Electrical Performance

Testing Items Reference Document
A1.LLCR, Contact Resistance EIA-364-23
A2.Insulation Resistance EIA-364-21
A3.Dielectric Withstand Voltage EIA-364-20, Test method B
A4.Current Rating EIA-364-70, Test method 1

Mechanical Performance

Testing Items Reference Document
B1.Contact Retention EIA-364-29, Test method B
B2.Durability EIA-364-09
B3.Spring Force EIA-364-04 (Normal Force Test Procedure)
B4.Random Vibration EIA-364-28, Test condition II
B5.Mechanical Shock EIA-364-27, Test condition A

Environmental Testing

Testing Items Reference Document
C1.Humidity EIA-364-31, Test method II, Condition A
C2.Salt Spray EIA-364-26, Test condition B
C3.Temperature Life EIA-364-17, Test method A, condition 4, Test time condition A
C4.Thermal Shock (Cycling) EIA-364-32, Test condition VIII
C5.Resistance to Solder Heat EIA-364-56, Procedure 5,Level 2


Testing Items Reference Document
D1.Drop Test Refer to Drop Test Standard of Molex
D2.Side Force Refer to Side Force Standard of BENQ
D3.Solder Ability EIA-364-52

Mass Production Inspection Process

CCP’s quality requirement is mainly focused on the control of raw materials in accordance with the ROHS & HSF demands. Every hour, IPQC will inspect materials and the semi-finished goods will be inspected. The plating parts must pass X-Ray tests to ensure the plating thickness before assembling. During the assembling process, we will randomly check their physical appearance, spring force, and contract resistance per hour. These finished goods will be transferred to the FQC site before stocking. While receiving customer requisition orders, OQC will check the outgoing goods again before packing and shipping. CCP does everything to control quality as our trademark as well as to ensure customer satisfaction.

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