Corporate Governance

  • Organization Chart
  • Management Information
  • Company rules
  • Articles of Corporation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Internal Audit

Organization Chart

Management Information

Job Title Name Job Responsibility
Chairman Chih-Feng Chen Set up and execute the company’s important strategies and plans.
President Eddie_Tsai Formulate and strategies of R&D and manufacturing, and semiconductor sales.
Vice President Joeson_Peng Top quality assurance supervisor.
Chief Finance Officer Lance_chen Formulate and execute financial strategies.

Company rules

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Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
The way of measuring illegal and unethical behavior or dishonesty cases
Procedure of Acquisition and Disposal of Assets
Procedure of Lending Capital
Procedure of Endorsements and Guarantees
Procedure of Derivatives Trading by Public Companies
Regulations Governing Prevention of Insider Trading
Codes of Ethical Conduct

Articles of Corporation


Employee Benefits


Internal Audit

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The communication of audit adn independent directors with accountants
Organization and Operation of Risk Management
The Communication of Audit Committee and the Board of Directors

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